War and organised crime gone global

POPPY Interactive takes you on an eye-opening journey that reveals how drug money destabilizes entire countries, fuels global conflicts, and allows a worldwide illegal economy to grow.
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Background data


Global traffic

Spectacular increase in sea transport, air traffic and the use of mobile phones

Corruption in Central Asia

Distribution of crime groups in Kyrgyzstan and main drug trafficking routes
Drug routes, insecurity and vulnerable/unsecured sections of the Tajik and Kyrgyz border
Net profit from heroin trade in relation to GDP
Prevalence of bribery, by type of public official and by level of income, 2013

The economy behind ISIS

Natural resources and criminal activities
Captagon amphetamines
The hawala banking system

Jihadi Holiday

Mujahideen fighting in Afghanistan
Mujahideen fighting in Syria

Afghan opium

Production of opium in Afghanistan
Relation between security incidents and opium production

Cocaine in West Africa

Streetvalue of 1000 kilograms of cocaine versus the military budgets in Western Africa
How to fly a Boeing full of cocaine across the ocean
Trans-Sahara trafficking and threat finance

Guns vs Drugs

Profit margins of coffee, heroin and cocaine
The average cost of an AK-47 around the world

The money trail

The flow of drug money from the UK to Afghanistan and Pakistan
Illicit financial flows into the United Arab Emirates